10 Criminally Underrated Doctor Who Stories

They may not be seen as classics, but these undervalued masterpieces are worth a second look.


Every Doctor Who fan has a list of their favourite episodes, but it’s usually the same dozen or so stories that recur time and time again as universally-agreed-upon classics. Of course, there are a number of standout episodes that deserve all the praise they get, but with so many stories to choose from, there are bound to be some hidden gems that belong in the Hall of Fame which have sadly been denied entry at the door.

One of the best things about Doctor Who is that every episode has merit, and even the ones you really dislike could be somebody’s favourite. With that in mind, it’s worth giving stories that you previously weren’t so keen on another watch. Many episodes that fans rarely discuss actually contain buried treasures that make them worth appreciating: intricate layers of complex metaphors, excellent production values, or just a funny one-liner that catapults the episode into greatness.

These are the revival-era stories that deserve more recognition. Some of them are unjustly hated, others are simply overlooked. Either way, they’re miles better than the Whovian consensus would suggest, and they’re definitely worthy of your time (and space).

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