10 Current Doctor Who Problems And How To Fix Them

Sometimes it takes more than a sonic screwdriver.

As Peter Capaldi's debut series finally comes to a close after the spectacular events of Last Christmas, fans can finally take a moment to relax and prepare for the next episode, The Magician's Apprentice. But not every fan is overly anxious for Series 9. Some even feel patient for its arrival, as a rushed product often has less quality to it, whereas a delayed season can lead to further consideration toward the production before it reaches the viewer's television screen. The programme has always put fun before anything else, as evidenced by the appearance of Santa Claus this previous year, but sometimes it dilutes the drama, morphing it into a parody of itself rather than a legitimate form of entertainment. It's certainly a difficult task to continue a series after it's reached the age of 51, but sometimes the writers - the current showrunner Steven Moffat - make noticeable mistakes that damage the show, or they attempt to add a unique spin on something that later just becomes ridiculous and unenjoyable as a whole. Of course, eccentricity is one of the main legs of Doctor Who, and it has been for some time, but some things just don't work, and sometimes the things that fail turn into tropes and clich├ęs. Here's a list of the top ten current problems with Doctor Who, as well as possible solutions.

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