10 Deadliest Alien Prisons In Doctor Who

Locking away the most dangerous inmates in the universe - including the Doctor.


Sometimes, the most dangerous criminals and infamous villains the Doctor faces can't be allowed to roam free. However, most of the time within the Whoniverse, the prisons they're locked up in are just as deadly.

From creepy maze-like hotels to forgotten Time Lord prisons, these secure facilities aim to keep the worst of the worst from terrorising the universe, but you wouldn't want to find yourself locked up there!

It wouldn't be uncommon, as some of these facilities hold prisoners who really shouldn't be there. Even the Doctor has been arrested and thrown into these high-tech complexes alongside unforgettable mortal enemies and unsuspecting allies.

2021's New Year's Day Special, Revolution of the Daleks, saw the Doctor behind bars again - serving a life sentence with no hope of escape. That is until Captain Jack Harkness' intervention. This wouldn't be the first time that the Doctor's companions have sprung a jailbreak, and some of the following entries include daring and near-impossible rescue attempts.

This list aims to unlock some of Doctor Who's most intriguing, mysterious and impregnable prison ships and space-jails and reveal which despicable criminals or innocent inmates have served time there.

Looking at both the Classic and Modern series, these are the 10 Deadliest Alien Prisons in Doctor Who.


Eden Luke McIntyre is a Scottish writer, editor and script consultant, with a Master's Degree in TV Fiction Writing. He writes content for TV, radio, stage, and online, and was appointed as a BBC Writers Room Scottish Voice in early 2020. Eden can usually be found in Glasgow, rambling about Doctor Who, The Beatles, and obscure things that no one cares about.