10 Doctor Who Monsters That Need Reworking

Even the Daleks must be getting sick of being in the show by now!

Most fans of Doctor Who have dreamed up their own stories which they would love to witness enacted on screen. Perhaps you have ideas on how certain stories should have been concluded, or maybe you can give justice to a particular monster without undermining their previous appearances. A lot of the €˜big bads€™ have been served rather poorly under Steven Moffat€™s tenure on the show and as such a recurring thread has begun to appear. Whilst the Moff is responsible for the ingenious creation of the Weeping Angels, the Silence and, to some extent, the Clockwork Droids, he is also guilty of ruining some of the classic monsters. Some have been overused to the point of exhaustion whilst others have simply been served dire stories that don€™t utilise them to their full extent. Whatever the reason, some of the big bads deserve a chance of redemption and we have listed some possible ways to re-establish these monsters as threats once more.

10. The Daleks

The infamous Daleks need a rest. There is no two-ways about it. They have been overused so much of late that is it generally accepted amongst the shows viewers that they are no longer scary. €˜Into the Dalek€™ somewhat stepped in the right direction to rectify this by actually making them killers again, but they have a long way to go before they render viewers paralysed with fear as they did three decades ago. There is a problem, however. The Daleks have to appear at least once a series in order for the BBC to retain the rights to them. So yes, the Daleks have been overused of late, but there is simply no way out of that. Or is there? Our dream story would result in the Daleks concocting some plan to destroy the universe but in doing so have to first leave the universe in order to find something €“ a weapon or device of sorts. Perhaps they have to return to the voice, thus tying this new story into an older narrative thread. This would result in the Daleks vanishing for some time. And when could they return? Right at the end of series nine. Literally as the cliffhanger, a fleeting cameo appearance of less than a second, resulting in a proper story for them at the beginning of series 10. Therefore the Daleks would have gone for the best part of two series and it would make their eventual return scary again. Possibly.
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