10 Doctor Who Background Events You Might Have Missed

9. Rory In The Corner (The God Complex)

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Though Rory Williams was a fantastic companion who went from strength-to-strength as his TARDIS tenure progressed, there were times when he felt like a third wheel to the powerful bond between the Eleventh Doctor and Amy.

Hell, on one particular occasion, Rory was deemed so unnecessary that he was literally shunted aside and hidden in the corner.

In the closing moments of The God Complex, there's a terrific scene where the Doctor is forced to break Amy's faith in him, allowing them to escape the clutches of a rather hungry Minotaur. It's one of the most intimate, emotional moments these two characters ever shared, scored to perfection by the maestro Murray Gold.

Unsurprisingly, the attention of the scene is laser-focused on this interaction - meaning that you might've missed what happens to Rory in the background.

As the scene begins, Rory is stood against the door of the room, blocking it. The Minotaur then kicks the door down, and Rory remains attached to it like a frickin' magnet, swinging into the corner of the room just next to the wardrobe.

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This means that, for the entire duration of this touching and heartfelt scene, Rory is just silently cowering behind the door, wondering if it's safe to emerge.

Nobody acknowledges him and he doesn't make a single sound, and it's actually pretty funny when you realise where he is. Poor Rory.

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