10 Doctor Who Bloopers You Need To See

Even Time Lords stumble on their words sometimes...

Doctor Who The Idiot's Lantern Rose blooper
BBC Studios

It's easy to forget that every word spoken and every action made in TV and film has been planned out by a whole team of people. It's the job of the actors to make those words and actions seem natural and spontaneous, which, as you'd imagine, isn't always easy.

As a result, most productions won't make it to the finish line without a healthy selection of fluffs and blunders along the way.

Doctor Who has been on our screens for almost 60 years, and the show has seen its fair share of bloopers in that time - a lot more bloopers than almost every other show in history.

And because they're all a good laugh, we thought we'd share some of the best ones with you, from potty-mouthed Daleks, to Doctors unable to control their laughter...

11. Honourable Mentions

Doctor Who The Idiot's Lantern Rose blooper
BBC Studios

Before we get into the main countdown, we wanted to mention two moments that technically don't count as bloopers, but certainly prove just how much fun the cast and crew have while creating Doctor Who.

Firstly, the Sycorax. Remember those skeletal masks and glowing red eyes? Well, maybe the creatures won't seem quite so menacing once you've seen four of them performing a beautiful rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody between takes.

"Modern art!"

And the same goes for the Cybermen. They're usually quite terrifying, but not so much once you've seen a montage of them gleefully playing in a park, running around shouting "I'm freeeeeeeeeee. Free as a bird. A Cyberbird!"

Guess the conversion process doesn't always go to plan.

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