10 Doctor Who Characters Nobody Wants To See Return

Please, Doctor Who, no more annoying schoolkids. Okay?

Doctor Who Clara Oswald
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The return of classic companions Ace and Tegan in The Power of the Doctor has once again had Doctor Who fans discussing which characters they would love to see return one day.

Whether it's a friend or a foe (or a bit of both), there's almost 60 years of history for the show's writers to draw upon, and that's quite a lot of characters that could possibly be revived.

But for every Sarah Jane Smith or evil Time Lord, there are also characters who are so disliked by fans (or characters that fans are divided on) that it's probably for the best if they never come back.

Whether it's bad acting, terrible scripts, or simply staying on the show for far too long, not every character is served well by Doctor Who, which is inevitable considering how long it's been around.

As we're about to enter the show's 60th anniversary year, it's likely we're about to see quite a few familiar faces, and these are the ones who definitely shouldn't be part of that group. Ever.

10. Adam Mitchell

Doctor Who Clara Oswald
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First appearing in 2005's Dalek as a wannabe space traveller working under the guy with the worst moustache ever (Henry van Statten), Adam Mitchell was designed to be a character nobody wanted to see ever again. He excelled in fulfilling this brief, and then some.

Adam (and then-current companion Rose Tyler) immediately hit it off, with a budding romance developing between the pair. At Rose's insistence, Adam joins the TARDIS crew and travels with them to spaaaaaace, but issues begin to arise when his greed gets the better of him, and he decides to install a USB port in his head.

Yeah, he's an idiot.

Adam never really gels with the Doctor or Rose, and comes off as an awkward and unwanted addition to a great TARDIS duo. But again, that was the point.

He's then banished from the TARDIS by an absolutely fuming Ninth Doctor, and, much to the delight of fans everywhere, he hasn't been seen since.

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