10 Doctor Who Episodes NOBODY Was Ready For

9. Fugitive Of The Judoon

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Fugitive of the Judoon saw the introduction of a new incarnation of the Doctor - an incarnation that no fan had seen (or heard of) until this point.

Neither of these Doctors can remember living the life of the other, which was both a confusing and intriguing development. However, this new Fugitive Doctor did possess her own police box TARDIS, indicating that she came after William Hartnell's First Doctor. It's still unclear.

To quote Tom Baker's Curator in The Day of the Doctor, "Who knows?"

As if this revelation wasn’t shocking enough, fans were also treated to the return of the beloved Captain Jack Harkness. Like the Fugitive Doctor, this reveal was kept completely under wraps, making for a jaw-dropping surprise when the cheeky Time Agent's voice was first heard talking to a rather confused Graham O'Brien.

It was expected that this episode would be a standard mid-series romp focused on the Judoon (who, despite the title, are basically a subplot in their own story). Absolutely nobody expected it to change the very fabric of Doctor Who as we knew it - and bring back Captain Jack to boot.

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