10 Doctor Who Episodes To Watch For Halloween 2022

Grab your candy, turn off the lights, and prepare for Doctor Who to scare you silly.

Doctor Who The Waters of Mars The Flood
BBC Studios

Since its debut in 1963, Doctor Who has been known to have its viewers scared on a weekly basis, often forcing them to watch the show from behind their couches.

As the show continued, the writers dipped their toes further and further into the horror genre, especially when the series was rebooted in 2005. Here, Doctor Who moved on from many of its classic monsters and created some scarier ones, bound to give both children (and adults!) nightmares.

Through these creep-tastic baddies - from the Silence, to the Flood, to the Weeping Angels - the show has found a way to tap into any kind of fear its viewers may have, whether that’s creepy dolls, shadows, deep water, or even the space underneath their beds. Thanks, Moffat.

The most unsettling stories in Doctor Who are usually the ones that take those basic fears and give them a terrifying lick of sci-fi paint. So, as Halloween is just around the corner, we’ve picked ten of the scariest Doctor Who episodes, which you’re bound to watch through your fingers to celebrate the spooky holiday!

10. Listen

Doctor Who The Waters of Mars The Flood
BBC Studios

Remember that childhood fear we all had (or maybe still have) that something is hiding under the bed, waiting to grab you at a moment's notice? Well, it turns out that the Doctor also had that exact same fear, and so decided to track down the creature responsible, which possessed the ability to hide from everyone in the universe.

As the Doctor saves Clara from a disastrous dinner date with Danny Pink, the two attempt to track down this elusive monster. In one of many spine-tingling scenes in the episode, we see the mysterious creature rise from the bed with a blanket covering itself, and the Doctor confesses to Clara that he is paralysed with fear.

The Doctor then journeys to a space station at the end of the universe, where he believes the creature is hiding. Hearing banging outside, the Doctor opens the door... only for the suction to knock him out before he can learn what the creature truly is.

In the end, we find out the reason for the Doctor’s obsession with finding the monster: it had grabbed him when he was a kid. In a strangely uplifting twist, we then learn that his monster was Clara, meaning that she was responsible for his fear from the very beginning.

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