10 Doctor Who Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense To Ignore

9. Captain Jack Manipulated Owen And Tosh Into Joining Torchwood

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In the Torchwood episode Fragments, we learn how Captain Jack became the head of Torchwood Three, and how he recruited Tosh, Ianto, and Owen to join his team. And if a certain fan theory is to be believed, there might be more to these backstories than meets the eye.

Prior to joining Torchwood, Tosh and Owen were both in a bad place. Tosh had unsuccessfully tried to free her mother from a hostage situation by stealing Ministry of Defence plans, and subsequently found herself serving a life sentence in a UNIT prison. Owen, meanwhile, had lost his fiancée Katie to an alien parasite masquerading as a brain tumour.

In both cases, Jack is presented as something of a saviour, seeing the potential in Tosh and Owen and offering them the second chance they clearly deserve.

But could he have had a bigger role in proceedings than he lets on? Could he have been watching Tosh and Owen from even further back, manipulating events from the start to ensure they ended up working for him?

If so, the possibilities are endless. He could've been the one who tipped off UNIT about Tosh, or who planted the parasite in Katie’s brain. Jack’s done some pretty sketchy stuff before (see Adrift and Children of Earth), so it wouldn’t be completely out of character.

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