10 Doctor Who Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense To Ignore

8. The Original Adjudicator Was A Division Doctor

Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor regeneration
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Thanks to The Timeless Children, the so-called Morbius Doctors – that is, the faces seen in the 1976 serial The Brain of Morbius, implied to be pre-Hartnell Doctors – have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in recent years.

As part of that renaissance, a fascinating quirk of production has come to light – one which lays the foundations for a rather brilliant fan theory.

The Morbius Doctors were, in reality, various crew members who were working on the show at the time. Seven of the eight photos used were taken specially for The Brain of Morbius. But one was not.

Five years earlier in the Third Doctor serial Colony in Space, the Master impersonated an Adjudicator in a bid to take control of the Doomsday Weapon. The original Adjudicator never appeared onscreen, but his photo did – a photo that was later used to represent one of the Morbius Doctors.

Doctor Who The Brain of Morbius the Morbius Doctor
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At the time, it’s unlikely that the production team would've given this a second thought. But if you join the dots, there’s a possibility that the original Adjudicator was the Doctor all along, on some shady Division mission concerning the Doomsday weapon.

Which, you can’t deny, is a pretty great prospect!

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