10 Doctor Who Moments You're Missing From Expanded Media

With such a range of expanded media, which Doctor Who moments have you missed out on...

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With audios, books and comics, there is plenty of content Doctor Who fans are missing if they just watch the TV Series. Doctor Who has ran on screen since 1963, but within a matter of months of our first trip in the TARDIS there has been Doctor Who expanded media.

Dalekmania swept the nation in the 60s and to accompany this there was a plethora of novelisations and comic strips. However, this expanded media did not necessarily push the world of Doctor Who very far, besides being a lot of fun.

Skip to now and there is such a wide range of expanded media. As fans we are so lucky to be able to dip into the worlds of BBC Books, Big Finish Audios and Titan comics, just to name a few. And all these different formats have developed the world of Doctor Who, providing so many joyous moments and in a lot of cases provided fans with answers to unresolved plots in the show.

A recent example of Doctor Who's expanded media brilliance is the Time Lord Victorious, expanding on the Tenth Doctor's proclamation at the end of the Waters of Mars, with the BBC creating a multi-media extravaganza to do so.

So with so much on offer, let's dive into ten Doctor Who moments your missing from expanded media. Spoilers to follow...

10. Telling Brian Williams The Truth

Kicking off with P.S., a short animated webcast, which showed the fans what happened to Brian Williams (Rory's dad) after the Angels Take Manhattan. To recap, in the Power of Three, Brian voices concerns to the Doctor about the lifestyle of Amy and Rory, and questions what happens to those who travel with him. So with the couples fate decided in the Series 7A finale, what happens to poor Brian?

In the unshot scene, Brian is visited by Anthony, who finds him at Amy and Rory's house, watering the plants, and delivers a letter. The letter, from Rory, explains how that the letter was arranged to be delivered one week after they left in the TARDIS after the cube incident, and that the couple are alive, but stuck living their lives in New York, fifty years before Rory was even born.

The heart wrenching scene explains how much Rory loves his dad, the life Rory and Amy get to live, that he's sorry, and that the mysterious Anthony is actually Brian's grandson. After the series 7 opener revealed that Amy cannot have children, it is nice for fans to learn that at least the pair got a family in the end by adopting, whilst stuck in the past.

Whilst not a groundbreaking moment, this quiet and intimate scene beautifully rounds off the end of Series 7A, and the conclusion of Amy and Rory's story. You can watch this short webcast for yourself below.


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