10 Doctor Who Moments You're Missing From Expanded Media

9. The Return Of Salamander

Doctor Who John Hurt

1967-1968's the Enemy of the World, saw Patrick Troughton play both the Second Doctor and the serials antagonist, Salamander. The previously lost story, which was rediscovered in 2013 for fans still to enjoy today, ends with the villain falling out of the inflight TARDIS and into the time vortex, but what happens next?

The resolution lies in Titan Comic's Third Doctor Adventures mini-series. The first issue ends with the Third Doctor and Jo Grant returning to UNIT HQ to find the Second Doctor present, but by the next issue it is revealed that appearances can be deceiving. A major plot point of the Enemy of the World was the resistance group using the Second Doctor's resemblance to Salamander as a way to take down the villain, however the tables turn when Salamander uses this trick in reverse to deceive Jamie and Victoria.

After gaining access to the TARDIS, the truth is revealed and the Doctor and Salamander fight in the time machine before he is thrown into the vortex, whilst the TARDIS team's fate is left in the balance as the ship flies out of control and into the next story. We know of course all is fine in the end for team TARDIS and they resolve the issue in the Web of Fear, by where does Salamander end up?

Actually he comes out the Vortex with the Second Doctor into the London Underground in the 60s. From there he patents his weather control technology, getting rich from it and decides to use this wealth to look into this strange Doctor he has encountered. Salamander learns that the Doctor has a new face, and using his resemblance to the Second Doctor, fakes an invasion, gains access to UNIT, has a partnership with the Master and a classic 70's UNIT story ensues. This could have been a glorious sequel to see on screen back in the day!


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