10 Episodes That Prove 30 Rock Is The Greatest Sitcom Ever Made

10. The Rural Juror (Season 1, Episode 10)

The Rural Juror is, without a doubt, one of the best episodes of Season 1. After a shaky start with its pilot and the subsequent episodes, The Rural Juror along with Tracy Does Conan is where 30 Rock really started to show signs of what it would become. The episode mainly revolves around Jenna appearing in the film adaptation of a Kevin Grisham (John's brother) novel named 'The Rural Juror'. The running gag of the episode is that nobody can actually work out what the title is. Liz suggests "Roar Her, Gem Her," whilst Pete thinks it's "got to be 'Oral Germ Whore'". So why's it one of the best episodes? Because this episode entirely revolves around a terrible film and everyone's efforts to try and find out what it's actually called or indeed even see the film. There's also one of the funniest B-plots in Season 1, revolving around Tracy and Jack trying to create a new product similar to the George Foreman grill for him to endorse. Unfortunately they create something that spits burning hot oil and can only be sold in the Ukraine (and eventually gets endorsed by Whoopi Goldberg). It's one of the best episodes because we get lots of character development for the first time, we understand why Jenna and Liz are friends for the first time, and it's one of the first episodes where Tracy and Jack get paired together, and it really, really works. Joke Of The Episode: Tracy: "I'm gonna make you a mix tape, Jack Donaghy. You like Phil Collins?" Jack: "I got two ears and a heart, don't I?"
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