10 Episodes That Prove 30 Rock Is The Greatest Sitcom Ever Made

9. Rosemary's Baby (Season 2, Episode 4)

Where do we even start with this episode? Firstly, it's got Carrie Fisher. That alone makes it brilliant, if we're honest. Then it's jacked up to the roof with Star Wars references, innuendos and one of the best jokes ever made in 30 Rock ("Never go with a hippie to a second location..."). To show you how brilliant this one is, it's the one that's said to have earned Alec Baldwin his Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy. Liz goes to a book signing with Pete to meet her idol, Rosemary Howard (Carrie Fisher) who used to write for Laugh-In in the 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, Liz loses her job whilst taking a stand due to Rosemary's influence and she ends up moving to Little Chechnya to share an apartment. Meanwhile, Jenna tries to replace Kenneth's burnt page jacket and Jack hijacks Tracy's therapy session. This episode is so wrong and yet it feels so right. You've never seen comedy until you've seen Alec Baldwin impersonate an entire African-American family (DY-NO-MITE!) and Carrie Fisher say "Help Me, Liz Lemon! You're my only hope!" It really is just delightfully bonkers. Again, this is one of the more surreal episodes of 30 Rock, with tangents into an Amok Time-style Page Off, Liz seeing a bit into her future and more Star Wars references than you can shake a stick at, it's probably one of the weirdest and yet funniest things you'll ever see. It works well because it doesn't feel like Carrie Fisher has been shoe-horned into the episode to capitalise on her fame €“ she feels like a genuine and organic character, and whilst there are references to Leia, she is obviously playing someone else and has a real chance to show off her unused comedy skills. Joke Of The Episode:Jack: "Where do you invest your money, Lemon?" Liz: "I've got, like, 12 grand in checking" Jack: "...Are you an immigrant?"
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