10 Family Guy Episodes That PISSED People Off

8. Partial Terms Of Endearment (S8E21)

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Family Guy has never been scared of tackling social issues and the most controversial of topics in the trademark Seth MacFarlane way. That is to say, if an offensive joke or an episode that crosses the line can be made, then you can bet it will be.

This was exactly the case in season eight with 'Partial Terms of Endearment'. Family Guy certainly had its say in the conversation around abortion in what is to this day still labelled as one of its most controversial episodes ever.

When Lois decided to become a surrogate mother for a couple, she was thrown into a horrible situation when the parents-to-be died in a plane crash. She had to have the debate on whether to keep or abort the child, and of course, there was the typical Family Guy spin with shock value jokes and controversy from start to finish.

When taking on such a divisive topic as abortion, regardless of the stance taken there are going to be people that are outraged. Particularly when it is taken to such extremes as Family Guy tend to do in these situations. This particular episode was so poorly received that it was pulled from TV, and now cannot be found on Disney+. It should be no real surprise that the season eight DVDs are the only place to go for this particular outing.

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