10 Family Guy Episodes That PISSED People Off

7. Stewie Is Enceinte (S13E12)

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Believe it or not, there was a time when Family Guy actually tried to be funny instead of simply relying on shock value. However, it's hard to even imagine that right now, when episodes like 'Stewie Is Enceinte' exist.

When Brian acts distant from Stewie, the Griffin baby decides to bring them together by stealing some of the dog's DNA and using his fertilisation machine to impregnate himself. The rest of the episode follows their journey through pregnancy, giving birth to a litter of hybrid babies, and putting them up for adoption after forming zero attachment to them.

This is exactly as weird and as gross as it sounds. The episode was clearly designed to shock audiences rather than actually entertain them, and it shows. There is nothing entertaining about the story or the episode in general, even the B story of Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland trying to go viral is poor.

Stewie giving birth to these children is bad enough, but offset against jokes about Brian punching him in the stomach while pregnant and finding stairs to push him down crossed a line. This episode was shocking but there certainly wasn't any value in it.

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