10 Female Actors Who Would Have Been A Better Doctor Who

As Jodie Whittaker struggles to win fans, we look at the actors who'd be better as The Doctor.


It's been a rough old time for the first female Doctor, as her time has coincided with the show being unable to attract an audience or a decent script.

There was plenty of excitement when Jodie Whittaker was announced in the iconic role, a bold new step in the iconic sci-fi series, but with an underwhelming audience response seeing a constant dive in the ratings, there have been questions asked about why the show is failing to get people excited.

While there has been issues regarding the lack of a strong story arc in Chibnall's first year as head writer, overall poor scripting and an annoying move to 'issue of the week' storylines, a lot of criticism has come the way of the acting. While others have also been criticised, Jodie Whittaker's hyperactive but at times shallow depiction of The Doctor has been the main issue for many fans.

While the 'anti-wokers' would love to have us believe the idea that no-one wants a female actor in the role of our central Time Lord, the spectacular ratings for the beginning of Whittaker's reign suggests otherwise. But the continuing decline in ratings and audience satisfaction must in part be blamed on Whittaker and has us pondering; was there a better option for an actor to take on the role of the first female Doctor?

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