10 Game Of Thrones Deaths You Didn't Actually See Happen

10. Myrcella Baratheon

Myrcella Baratheon ranks lowest on the list due to the fact that she was all-but-dead in her final scene, though I don't think we saw her actual moment of death on the screen. We all thought Bronn was toast until the Sand Snakes tossed him the antidote. He didn't happen to pick up some more of that stuff on the way out, did he? It was a shock to see Myrcella end up in that position as she was just beginning to creep into relevance. She seemed like a sweet, normal girl despite her less-than-stellar background. She'd just had an emotional moment by acknowledging Jaime as her father for the first time, and things were looking up until Ellaria Sand's poison took hold. We didn't see her clinically dead, but given Cersei's prophecy and everything we saw on screen, she's more than likely to be finished.

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