10 Great TV Shows Starring The Doctor Who Cast

Can you guess WHO will appear?!

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If you were to ask any British actor what dream project they'd love a part in, nine times out of ten, you're going to hear them say, "why, Doctor Who, of course!". This seminal show has become a staple not just of British TV but the science fiction genre itself, and being a part of it is a luxury many strive for. But, of course, you can't base your whole career off one TV series.

Once you're in Doctor Who, it's a struggle not to be considered a Whovian actor, so it can be really exciting to see what projects these stars choose after leaving the genre favourite. It's also equally exciting to take your TARDIS back in time and check out what these great performers were up to before the world of time travel came a-calling.

The following shows are some excellent examples of these talented actors' work, creating something that either highlights what Who fans already loved about them or goes entirely against what they're used to.

If you love these actors, then you don't want to miss these bangers.

10. Michelle Gomez - Doom Patrol

Nomi Amanita Sense8

The debut of Missy in season eight was a seminal moment for Doctor Who. It teased the potential of a female Doctor down the line, brought the iconic Master back into the frame and, naturally, introduced the delightful Michelle Gomez to the fray, and she's done some awesome things since.

Doom Patrol is a DC Universe series that centres on a mad scientist and his group of superpowered subjects. The characters were first introduced in Titans but broke off on their own for this spin-off series, which was way better than anyone expected.

Although subversive superhero shows are a dime a dozen these days, Doom Patrol does give audiences something special. It relies on wackiness to provide you with a good time, has an utterly stellar central cast, and was even lucky enough to add this Whovian alumnus to its ranks for season three.

Gomez has an absolute blast in this show, as she often does. Like Missy, her character of Madame Rogue is charming, fun and terrifying at the same time and has a fascinating core conflict that paints her moral standing ambiguously. Is she a villain? Is she a hero? You'll have to watch and find out.

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