10 Great TV Shows Starring The Doctor Who Cast

9. Billie Piper - I Hate Suzie

Nomi Amanita Sense8

Billie Piper is the kind of actor inherently tied to many people's childhoods. As the first companion of the revived series, Rose Tyler became one of the most iconic and beloved in an already strong line-up of characters. However, while she's had to work hard to do so, Piper has undoubtedly moved on since then.

I Hate Suzie is a Sky Original where Piper takes on the titular role of Suzie Pickles, a celebrity whose life gets thrown into disarray after her phone is hacked, and some *ahem* compromising footage of her is shared for the whole world to see.

This show is a harsh yet refreshing look at womanhood and celebrity culture. It'll frustrate and entertain you simultaneously with its chaotic style and unadulterated honesty in its subject matter.

The biggest highlight of the series, though, has to be Piper's performance. She crafts a likeable, chaotic, and manic character all in one healthy chunk. A woman truly at odds with herself and the world, but with no easy place to hide. The show is worth it just to see how far the former Rose Tyler has some as an actor.

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