10 Greatest Time Travel TV Shows Of All Time

9. Legends Of Tomorrow

Quantum Leap
The CW

Legends of Tomorrow has had its ups and downs. DC television shows are miles ahead of their recent films in terms of consistent quality, and it's great fun to watch Arthur Darvill get the opportunity to do his best impression of a less zany version of the Doctor. But there's something about this show that initially feels a bit off. Maybe it's the super blatant ripoff of Doctor Who (seriously, they have a council of Time Masters who control and monitor the use of time travel) or some glaringly weak members of the supporting cast.

That being said, Legends of Tomorrow occupies a comfortable position on this list because, as weak as the first season could be, the writers were able to turn things around, jettisoning the elements of the show that didn't work as well, and developing a surprisingly solid second season.

It's really important and impressive for a show that is based on a specific source material (even one as fluid as Legends of Tomorrow) to be able to analyze their weaknesses and change course to create something that is genuinely good. And quite frankly, it looks like by the end of this season, Legends of Tomorrow may be the last time travel show standing.


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