10 Hilarious TV Sitcoms You Totally Forgot About

9. Spin City

Spin City Christopher Lloyd Michael J Fox

Nothing says funny like the inner workings of the New York Mayor's office. On the face of it, the premise seems like a better idea for a drama than a comedy but Spin City found a way to make it work.

The series starred Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty, the Deputy Mayor of New York, working for a borderline insane Mayor played by Barry Bostwick. The rest of the crew around him in the office spent their time trying to help spin everything going on in the Mayor's office and the city while dealing with their own ridiculous in fighting problems.

While the premise seems a little dull at first, the group of unique characters in the series pulled something special out of it. In particular, Michael Boatman stood out as Carter Heywood, the openly gay black man who was the Head of Minority Affairs. It was rare at that time, and still kind of is, to see a gay black character on a network series, particularly a good character.

The series took a hit after season four when Fox left due to symptoms of Parkinson's disease. He was replaced by Charlie Sheen but the ratings tanked and the show was cancelled two seasons later.

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