10 Horror TV Shows That Ended On A Cliffhanger

9. The River

The Terror

Airing on ABC back in 2012 (Ten years ago? No, you’re definitely lying), The River was touted as a found footage supernatural adventure horror; a mid-season replacement sandwiched between the network’s bigger shows. Following the story of a famous explorer - a Steve Irwin-like figure called Dr Emmet - who went missing in the Amazon rainforest, the plot follows said explorer’s son as he and a team of similarly related people venture off to the dangerous jungle to find him. What they don’t know is that they’re actually venturing to an area where magic comes alive with forest demons, mystical curses and other paranormal phenomena.

At the conclusion of the show, the rag-tag crew has successfully rescued Dr Emmet and narrowly escaped the clutches of some zombie-like cannibals only to discover the river they were on, and the terrain around it, is constantly changing to prevent them from ever leaving. And that’s where the story ends.

Season 2 would have undoubtedly seen the troubled crew try and escape their predicament Dungeons & Dragons-style, running into all sorts of supernatural hindrances along the way. Alas, despite warm critical reception, the show never showed up in the ratings department and was thus cancelled; the crew's ultimate fate left forever unknown.

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