10 Huge TV Shows Ruined By Their Ending Twist

9. House Of Cards - Who Killed Frank?

How I Met Your Mother

Netflix, to their credit, had a tough gig trying to bring House of Cards to an adequate conclusion after the Kevin Spacey scandal. But even so, its final season is a flop, characterised by rushed payoffs and unconvincing twists, and the finale is its worst offender.

The season starts with the reveal that Spacey's Frank Underwood has died under mysterious circumstances, and his wife Claire is now President without her husband's complications. Only, that's not quite true, as the last episode reveals his trusted confidant Doug Stamper killed him to save Claire.

The twist is both unbelievable and melodramatically shoe-horned in to end proceedings with an emotional bang, but between it and Stamper's subsequent death at the hands of Claire, the whole thing just serves as a striking reminder of how much House of Cards lost its way (even before Spacey was forced out).


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