10 Huge TV Shows Ruined By Their Ending Twist

8. Dexter - Killing Deb And Becoming A Lumberjack

How I Met Your Mother

One of the ultimate "great show, terrible finale" offenders of all time, the twist ending in Dexter is that there's actually no twist. For eight seasons, things had been building toward a moment where Dexter Morgan's secrets would be revealed to the world, but in the finale nobody wanted, he just sort of...runs away.

Remember The Monsters? rushed Dexter's last hurrah to an almost aggravating extreme, allowing him to walk away from his life - as well as his remaining family and friends - to (checks notes) become a lumberjack in Oregon. After killing his mortally wounded sister, of course.

In the end, there's no major emotional payoff and no cumeuppance for Dexter himself, just a handful of avoidable deaths and horribly misguided bolts from the blue that have tainted the series ever since it aired.

The recent sequel miniseries New Blood also isn't doing much to save its image either.


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