10 Hugely Anticlimactic TV Reveals

Celebrating those times the writers wanted to clock off early, so phoned it in massively.

"Series finale": depending on which TV shows you watch, those are two words that either fill you with optimistic glee or fearful dread. There's nothing quite like the unravelling of a television show. Plots, subplots and captivating characters can be fully explored over the course of a season, and many writers use the length of a series to their advantage. It's so much easier to build tension and explore emotion on TV, a format which has the freedom and space that a 2-hour film could only dream of. With great freedom though comes an expectation to, you know, actually deliver. So often, we're stunned by the conclusion of a long-running story arc, but these are the shows that stunned us for all the wrong reasons. It is possible to build up an event ever-so-slightly too much, and here are ten anticlimactic reveals that left us utterly disappointed. Which TV moments did you find the most anticlimactic? Comment below!

10. The Foreshadowed Debris Was From A Plane Crash, Not Walt €“ Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Season 2 was a masterpiece; a quiet chapter in the evolution of Walter White, it was bigger, more ambitious and even artier than the modest first season. It was foreshadowed by black and white clips of debris in the White's backyard; the only colour in the sequences was a striking pink of a charred toy bear. It was mouthwatering foreshadowing; Holly was still unborn by then €“ is the bear hers? Has Walt's drug-running been discovered? We saw people categorising items; what if the Whites became the victims of a drugs bust? It turns out though that Skyler just discovers Walt's secret by herself. It was an air-crash, caused by a character we hadn't met yet, and though it was a tragic event that overshadowed Season 3, it was disappointing that it didn't primarily relate to Walt or Jesse. It wasn't a huge cop-out, but it was disappointing all the same.

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