10 Insane Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Theories

Never mind other Doctors, is David Tennant about to cameo alongside HIMSELF!?

Doctor Who 60th anniversary theories
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We know so much about Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary specials.

We’ve had casting announcements, tons of images, and four trailers. We know that the first special will be an adaptation of the Doctor Who Magazine comic-strip The Star Beast, that the entire Temple-Noble clan will feature, that “integral” character Shirley Anne Bingham (played by the terrific Ruth Madeley) will make her debut, and that the Celestial Toymaker will return, and seems to have infected humanity with a contagious giggle.

And yet, we also know so little.

Why has the Doctor’s old face come back? How is Donna able to remember him without dying? Did the Toymaker really interfere with the Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration? And what secrets is Wild Blue Yonder hiding?

For now, these things remain a mystery. But we do have fan theories to keep us going in the meantime!

From the insanely ridiculous to the insanely plausible, here are some of our favourite fan theories, which will give you plenty of food for thought until the specials arrive in November.

10. The Whole Thing Is Set Inside The Toymaker’s Realm

Doctor Who 60th anniversary theories
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The return of the Celestial Toymaker has been one of the 60th anniversary's worst-kept secrets ever since Neil Patrick Harris – pictured in a toymaker's outfit – was announced to be joining the cast.

But now that it's officially confirmed, there are a wealth of possibilities to consider.

The Toymaker’s first story took place entirely on his own soil, in the so-called Celestial Toyroom. This realm is completely controlled by the Toymaker – it’s where his wicked games take place, and where his opponents remain trapped if they fail to win.

The 60th anniversary looks to be similar, with the old-fashioned toy shop shown in the trailers potentially being part of the new Toyroom. But could more of the story be set in the Toymaker’s realm than meets the eye? Could the whole thing be one big, elaborate illusion, designed to trick the Doctor?

Doctor Who 60th anniversary Neil Patrick Harris Toymaker
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That would definitely explain some of the specials’ wilder elements, like the Doctor having an old face, crazy aliens like Beep the Meep and the Wrarth Warriors showing up, and the fact that UNIT somehow has a giant, Avengers-style skyscraper!

On the other hand, the "It was all a dream!" trope is pretty tiresome by this point, and it's likely that Russell T Davies has something a lot more satisfying up his sleeve.

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