10 Insane TV Twists That Ruined Their Shows

9. American Horror Story: Apocalypse

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Really, almost any season of Glee creator Ryan Murphy's infamous horror anthology series could have nabbed a spot on this list, as the likes of season three's Coven and season seven's Cult both feature last minute twists which serve only to derail the effectiveness of proceedings up until that point and rob the show of any re-watch potential in the process.

But the worst case of American Horror Story allowing a poorly planned twist to derail its potential comes in the form of season eight's 2018 effort Apocalypse, a show which saw a handful of survivors stranded in a locked subterranean bunker after the eponymous end of the world wipes out almost all human life.

Over the course of the first few episodes of this brief season, the viewer is introduced to these survivors and their captors/ saviours, slowly drop fed backstories... and then in all becomes irrelevant when everyone is poisoned to death en masse.

Yes, three minor characters are soon revived and a whole new story starts afterwards, but you'll have learned not to care by then.

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