10 Insane TV Twists That Ruined Their Shows

Anticlimactic un-maskings, ill-judged cast killing, and some grossly close cousins (and siblings)...

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Some shows are well able to pull off insanely ambitious plot twists whether its via deft storytelling, an innovative style which allows for far fetched developments to seem clever, or even just enough sheer weirdness to make any unexpected turn feel fitting.

Series as diverse as Twin Peaks, Mr Robot, Game of Thrones, and Westworld have all pulled off massive twists which permanently altered their stories but nonetheless felt entirely fitting and, if anything, so well-integrated that the viewers should have seen them coming a mile off.

Then there are the series which made it onto this list.

Some of these shows needed a twist thanks to their premise (it's not much of a murder mystery series if the show never unmasks the killer and reveals their identity), whilst some simply threw them in for the sake of it.

But all these shows have one thing in common: their twists completely derailed the series, leaving the show unable to return to former successes after the big reveal flopped hard.

10. Disenchantment

Gossip Girl Dan

Let's try to be fair here: after over a decade since his last series premiere, it's reasonable to say that expectations were set a little high for The Simpsons creator Matt Groening's 2018 Netflix show Disenchantment.

With a high concept to kill for in the form of "it's Game of Thrones meets the cartoony silliness and sharp subversive satire of Futurama" (another Groening effort), the show had a lot to live up to. And it didn't fail! For the first season, at least.

But after the viewer was introduced to the show's loveable cast of outcasts like Abbi Jacobson's world weary princess heroine, her volatile king father, and the charming devil on her shoulder played by Eric Andre, the first season's finale revealed that the heroine's beloved recently revived mother was actually a heartless villain responsible for the dark mystery behind the series.

It was a twist too ambitious for a show so silly and lighthearted in tone, and left the show lurching between semi-serious fantasy territory and goofy surreal spoof humour with no consistency.

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