10 Insane X-Files Episodes‏ That Went Unmade

10. The Original Kitsunegari

Many of the original, wackier ideas that got pitched in the X-Files writers' room eventually got reconfigured into actual episodes. That's what happened with Kitsunegari, the fifth season episode about a serial killer nicknamed "The Pusher" for his ability to force his will on others (usually the will for them to, erm, die). Mulder and Scully pursue him after he escapes from prison, having been imprisoned by the dynamic FBI duo in the third season episode Pusher. There's that bit where they discover the prosecutor at The Pusher's trial dead and covered in blue paint. Remember that? That was pretty weird, right? Originally Kitsunegari began as a slightly more grounded, dramatic episode that had more in common with the classic Beyond The Sea story. Tim Minear pitched the idea that involved a convicted criminal, an atheist, who hears the voice of God commanding him to kill a truly evil man, and is teleported out of his cell. As usual, Scully looks for the rational explanation (he's a nut job who broke out of jail) whilst Mulder wants to believe (that he's on a holy mission, we guess?). Unfortunately they needed a script fast, a producer suggested that a prison break episode about The Pusher would be good, and that's what we ended up with.
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