10 Insane X-Files Episodes‏ That Went Unmade

9. Untitled Dog Stories

Again, the sixth season episode Alpha had its roots in two separate unproduced scripts written for The X-Files. Inspired by Stephen King's killer dog novel Cujo, Alpha centred on a series of murders credited to a bloodthirsty, possibly undead breed of Asian dog, thought to be extinct. Mulder and Scully get teamed up with an eccentric canine expert and the local sheriff - a keen hunter - to deal with it. As per there ends up being more to the episode than just, well, ghost dogs. Writer Jeffrey Bell got to Alpha by fusing together two different ideas he'd had which he rejected because they lacked "really cool visuals". We're not sure about the visuals, but the basic ideas sounded like they would've be kinda awesome. And definitely borderline insane. The first was a self-described reversal of The Incredible Journey, later remade as Homeward Bound - y'know, the live action Disney movie about a three pets who travel through 250 miles of Canadian woodland to get home - that instead featured "a desperate family moves three thousand miles to get away from their killer pet - who's waiting for them at their new house, really pissed". The other idea was about a child who released his anger through the dogs at a local animal shelter, like canine poltergeists.
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