10 More TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

Riverdale has FINALLY gotten the chop.

Riverdale Cancelled
The CW

As much as we're living through a sure Golden Age of TV right now - where there's simply more quality content available than anyone can possibly watch - it's also fair to say that the industry is currently in a state of major change and uncertainty.

Between Netflix adjusting to its recent subscriber loss and brutal stock drop, and The CW preparing itself for an imminent sale, the last couple of months have seen a number of acclaimed and beloved series get the chop, whether unexpectedly or not.

Over the last few weeks The CW in particular has culled a shocking number of its most popular and compelling series, but they're not the only ones.

Admittedly not all of these shows were huge critical or ratings hits, but even so, most probably deserved to get another season to properly wrap things up, as most are simply going to go off the air without giving fans a legit farewell.

If nothing else, these cancellations, whether surprising or not, highlight the present volatility of the TV industry, where first-week viewing figures are of the utmost importance and the precise worth of streaming metrics remains rather ambiguous.

10. Charmed

Riverdale Cancelled
The CW

This list kicks off with just one of the many recent high-profile shows cancelled by The CW, with the reboot of classic fantasy-drama series Charmed.

Charmed debuted in 2018 to considerable fan skepticism about the very notion of a reboot, though reviews were broadly positive out of the gate regardless.

However, Charmed was hardly a ratings smash, and its viewing figures dwindled with each new season - surely unaided by the departure of one of its lead, Madeleine Mantock, at the end of season three.

Before its fourth season had even finished airing, The CW announced that Charmed wouldn't be returning for a fifth, and though no official reason was cited, we can assume it was due to meagre ratings.

Overall for a show that failed to generate much of a spark, four seasons is pretty good innings. Nevertheless, it's clear that the new Charmed couldn't match the iconic appeal - or charm, even - of its predecessor, which ran for eight seasons.

Given that this is the second Charmed reboot that didn't work out long-term - CBS aborted their own attempted reboot in 2014 before filming even began - showing that the IP is probably best left alone.

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