10 Most Creative Fan Tributes To Doctor Who

Made by the fans, for the fans.

Admittedly, the Doctor Who universe is vast and eternal, so much so that it probably won't ever stop expanding. It's achieved many things that other shows could not have done, purely because of how odd they would look if they did. The concept of regeneration, for example, changing the lead actor and maintaining the idea that it's still the same man, is incredibly unique to Doctor Who. The only other franchise that has come a tad close to replicating it is James Bond, but, generally speaking, Doctor Who is convincingly original. Through its 50 plus years of invading our TV screens, it has granted us with extraordinary visions of a fan's imagination brought to life, as both Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat managed to fulfill their ultimate dream of bringing their lifelong ideas to the show, along with reviving it and making it fresh for a new audience. But why does it matter that it should take a fan's imaginative skills and creativity? Would it be better with a 'professional' drama writer? The answer is no. The reason that a fan's creativity is more potent is that there is never a boundary for the ideas that crop up, just limitless possibilities with a plausible reason behind the theory of the science. And here is the purpose of this thoroughly thought out article, showing the tributes of the show by its incredible fan base. Here are 10 tributes that stand out amongst the rest, from a very convincing crossover featuring the Doctor and Sherlock to the LEGO presence of the courageous Time Lord. And yes, this does include parodies. Allons-y!

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