10 Most Disgusting TV Deaths

If blood and gore are your thing, TV is definitely your thing...


Sometimes, there can be nothing more harrowing than a TV death: you invest significant time in characters, following their journeys, empathising with their plight and supporting them all the while only to see them so cruelly taken away from you. It's tough.

And there are some of those deaths that are tough to watch for wholly different reasons. When the show-writers decide not only that they want to off someone, but that they're going to do it with as much of a sadistic flourish as possible. You know, to leave a lasting mark.

You wince and writhe, watching the violence unfold from behind your fingers as these cruel showrunners slaughter and sever with unbridled pleasure, burning the imagery into your brains.

The result, inevitably, is that whether the characters were memorable or not, they live on eternally in our memories through the distinct and distasteful ways in which they've been dispatched.

10. Warren Mears - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Mutant Enemy

Don't mess with Willow. That's a lesson that Warren Mears learns all too late.

After fatally shooting Tara, Warren becomes public enemy number one to the now dark Willow and, boy, does she exact some revenge.

Tied between two trees, the self-styled villain has his mouth sewn shut and is then viciously flayed alive. And despite many Buffy fans at this point wishing him dead, even this seemed a step too far.

Don't shoot people's girlfriends I guess. Though if you don't already know that, there's perhaps no saving you.


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