10 Most Re-Watchable Star Trek Episodes

8. Trials And Tribble-ations

In A Mirror Darkly Star Trek

In this love letter to the classic series, the crew of the USS Defiant find themselves hurled back in time to track down an assassin and... really, the plot isn't the important one in this episode! This was made to commemorate the thirtieth (ha, we were all so young!) anniversary of the franchise and it is an absolute smash from star to finish.

There are so many bits to love. The new crew in the old uniforms. Chief O'Brien bamboozled by the old designs. Bashir thinking he's destined to become his own grandfather. But, most importantly, the way they all turn to look at Worf, waiting on an explanation for the room full of 'Klingons' that surround them.

The episode is farce and tribute all in one, with everyone getting in on the fun. Even the usually straight-laced Captain Sisko can't resist, working his way up to meeting Captain Kirk in a piece of truly impressive camera trickery at the episode's close.

This may be Star Trek lite - there are no consequences, no battles (apart from the brawl in the canteen) and, other than re-introducing an ecological menace to the 24th century, this is very much a bottle show. But, in the true spirit of Star Trek, it is upbeat and positive, it keeps everything firmly rooted in science fiction - and it shows that sometimes, the '60s aesthetic can work in the modern era!

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