10 Most Terrifying Deaths In Modern Doctor Who

Don't Blink, Don't Forget, and Don't Drink the Water - Not One Drop.

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Doctor Who - everyone's favourite family sci-fi series - is no stranger to pitch-black horror moments, killing off beloved characters, or terrifying audiences with brutal and unexpected deaths.

Since the opening episode of the 2005 revival series, Doctor Who has established that characters are going to die. Not shying away from exterminations, electrocutions, dismemberments, creepy possessions and deadly diseases, the show has relished in being too scary for kids - and heartbreaking for the Doctor.

Often depicting horrific but ultimately memorable demises in episodes' "cold opens", Doctor Who has featured some truly chilling displays of death. From victims forgetting their own murderers to soon-to-be-prey trying to outsmart their Dalek opposition, these characters have quickly met their untimely ends.

So, come out from behind the sofa and read on to investigate the 10 Most Terrifying Deaths in Modern Doctor Who.

However, this list won't include regenerations, characters who would later be resurrected, or those who died in alternate timelines - so no Doctor deaths or companions getting killed over and over again to simply come back the next week.

10. Murder On The Orient Express

Doctor Who Praxeus

Responsible for the deaths of numerous passengers and crew on board the Orient Express, the Foretold was an ancient Mummy with the ability to stop victims' hearts.

Appearing in 2015's Mummy on the Orient Express, this bandaged baddie killed prey by moving them out of phase with the rest of time. This made it appear invisible and undetectable to others, initially casting doubt on its existence. Within 66 seconds, the Foretold's helpless victims would drop dead from what appeared to be a heart attack - the Mummy having drained their energy.

Preying on those with poor physical or mental health, the Foretold was a fearsome and unstoppable sight - if you were unfortunate enough to see it. Loose on the Orient Express as part of a devious experiment, the Mummy first murdered the ancient Mrs. Pitt, who was close to death and wired up to a life support machine. Then, several members of the crew followed in her wake, until Professor Emile Woodhouse was targeted.

Unable to reason with the monster or fight back against it, the Professor met the same grisly fate as the others. Even bullets fired from the gun of the Orient Express' Captain Quell wouldn't stop it, and he soon too succumbed to its attack.

The Twelfth Doctor finally managed to defeat the Foretold, surrendering to it after he realised it was an old soldier fighting an endless war. The Foretold, relieved of its duty, turned to dust.

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