10 Most Terrifying Locations In Game Of Thrones

No sane person would want to visit any of these Game of Thrones locations...


Game of Thrones brought George R.R. Martin’s world vividly to life over the course of 8 seasons. Viewers were treated to medieval forts and structures, lush vistas, crowded capitals, mighty pyramids, and a number of other great locations.

Given that Westeros and Essos were heavily inspired by real history, both continents were authentic throughout. This consistent realism bound the various climates and cultures together so that every location felt part of the same world. Even when the show was leaning more towards its fantastical side, the environment never lacked a sense of authenticity.

Whilst there were some stunning locations throughout the show, there were plenty of frightening ones as well. Both Westeros and Essos featured places of natural danger, but there were also areas of Martin’s world that were undesirable for other reasons. Indeed, the fantasy element in Game of Thrones opened the doors for a number of frightening creatures and places.

Consequently, Game of Thrones certainly wasn’t short on terrifying locations. As enjoyable as the show was to watch, it’s safe to say Martin’s world certainly wouldn't be a fun place to live in...


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