10 Most Underrated Star Trek Episodes

7. Data's Day - Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek Odo

This fourth season episode of Star Trek The Next Generation is a perfect stand alone episode, while still furthering the story as a whole. It revolves around the wedding of Miles O'Brien to Keiko Ishikawa, all told through Data's perspective. Much like the later (and far darker) In The Pale Moonlight, the episode is told largely in voiceover.

There is a mystery to chase in the episode - what happened to the Vulcan ambassador? There are Romulans, fights, misunderstandings and dancing doctors. It is one of the more upbeat episodes of the season, a welcome step after the dark beginnings in The Best of Both Worlds part two.

It exists on this list because, despite how strong the episode is, it rarely appears on any top ten lists of Star Trek episodes. Perhaps it is because it is a rather low key episode in terms of action that it can sometimes fly under the radar, but Data's Day is a supremely enjoyable episode - one well worth a rewatch.

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