10 Most Watched Episodes Of Modern Doctor Who

10. The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe- 10.77 Million


The most surprising entry on this list, this Christmas episode from 2011 dished out the audience's second serve of Turkey for the day. Though an incredibly mediocre and forgettable episode, the high ratings was evidence that despite a rocky beginning to the Moffat era, the show about a mysterious alien who acts and looks much younger than he is still had some legs.

The plot in this episode is largely incomprehensible, although there is something to do with talking trees and a fighter pilot who needs landing lights to be saved. There is a fun start to the episode with Matt Smith's Doctor surviving a near death experience thanks to a fantastical suit, but it's all quickly downhill from there.

The only positive to say about the episode is that unlike future Moffat Christmas episodes, this was quite suitable for children, even if like the adults, they had little idea what was going on.

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