10 Netflix Shows EVERYONE Should Binge-Watch

8. The Good Place

Peaky Blinders

The Good Place follows the story of Eleanor Shellstrop, played beautifully by Kristen Bell, who awakens one day to find herself in the afterlife. She's welcomed by Michael who explains that she's made it into the 'Good Place', a highly-selective heaven-like place run by him and reserved strictly for those who live out morally good lives.

Turns out that Eleanor was far from a saint during her life however, and has been brought to the Good Place by mistake and must attempt to blend in by changing her ways and appearing good with the help of her fellow residents, Tahani, Chidi, Jason and the Good Place's AI helper, Janet.

Colourful, imaginative and much more thought-provoking than what all of the outlandish adventures and comedy would have audiences believe, The Good Place is such a feel-good series that everyone needs these days.

What makes The Good Place so binge worthy is its structuring into fast-paced twenty minute episodes that roll immediately from one to another, making it so easy to kill plenty of time without even realising how much of the series you've devoured.


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