10 Netflix Shows EVERYONE Should Binge-Watch

7. Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Peaky Blinders

Across the 1970s, Theodore Robert Bundy became the most heinous and horrific serial killer in modern history, murdering at least thirty people right across the entirety of the United States before eventually being executed in 1989.

Charming, handsome and charismatic, Bundy redefined the stereotypical image of a serial killer and used his educated mannerisms to both woo his victims and divert suspicion away from him. He thrived on being in the limelight and, even with some of the most compelling and gruesome of evidence pinned to him, still had plenty of people believing his tales of innocence right up until the moment he confessed to his crimes on the eve of his death.

Joe Berlinger's four episode series pulls together insights and interviews from those who knew or came into contact with Bundy during his life, with the best insights from hundreds of hours worth of recordings from the serial killer. For those interested in how the twisted mind of a killer really works out and how a good set of looks can throw suspicions out the window, Conversations With A Killer is one of the most gripping choices to binge through on Netflix.


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