10 New 2013 TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Don't you dare say there's nothing to watch on telly tonight...

Over the past few years, television has grown in quality by leaps and bounds. While movies tend to play it safe with the same old films that are guaranteed to generate a profit, TV has become a refuge for genuine creativity. We've been lavished with interesting stories, high profile actors, stylish period pieces, gritty dramas, pretty much anything you could ask for. In fact, we have so much to choose from that it's almost inevitable that we would miss out on some fantastic programming somewhere along the line. I mean, we only have two eyes and 24 hours in the day. Most of us tend to stick with the shows that we've been watching for a few years already, the shows that we're emotionally connected to. The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Mad Men. But they won't be on the air forever. (Except for Doctor Who because it would literally take an asteroid crashing into the Earth to kill that show.) So it seems to me that it would be worthwhile to start looking out for their replacements in this year's crop of new television shows. There's a lot of quality out there, and here are some of the promising shows you might have missed.

Audrey Fox is an ex-film student, which means that she prefers to spend her days in the dark, watching movies and pondering the director's use of diegetic sound. She currently works as an entertainment writer, joyfully rambling about all things film and television related. Add her on Twitter at @audonamission and check out her film blog at