10 Notorious Doctor Who Urban Legends

7. The Daleks Couldn't Levitate Until 2005

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The Daleks are often mocked by non-Who fans for their apparent mobility issues. People will say "couldn't you just run up some stairs to get away from them?" and fans will reply "NO, you moron, a Dalek was clearly shown levitating up some stairs in the 2005 revival, get your facts right, now be quiet and go watch The X Factor".

And while it's true that a Dalek did elevate up a staircase in the 2005 episode Dalek, this wasn't the first time we'd seen something like this happen, contrary to what the general public - and even some corners of the Who fandom - might believe.

A Dalek was actually shown levitating up some stairs in the 1988 serial Remembrance Of The Daleks, chasing after Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor.

Doctor Who Remembrance Of The Daleks stairs

But that's not all - if you want to go back even further than this, you can.

In the First Doctor serial The Chase - which aired all the way back in 1965 - a Dalek was shown rising up out of the sand in the cliffhanger of the first episode.

Doctor Who The Chase Dalek rising out of sand

While this obviously isn't the same as climbing up some stairs, it does prove that the Daleks have always been capable of vertical movement in some capacity, even as far back as the formative years of the show.


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