10 Notorious Doctor Who Urban Legends

8. River Song's Name Came From A Dirty Joke

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Despite both of them being former Doctor Who bigwigs, the likes of Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat are just as silly and nerdy as the rest of us, and if there was ever any doubt about that, then here's something that absolutely confirms it.

Back when the two writers worked together during the Eccleston and Tennant eras, they would both try and come up with episode titles that carried rude acronyms, just to try and wind up people on internet message boards.

At one point, Moffat suggested "A River Song Ending", purely because its acronym spelled out the word "ARSE". When Davies questioned him about what "River Song" meant, Moffat responded with "I'll just call somebody River Song", which, of course, he eventually did - although neither of her debut episodes has a rude acronym.

If all of this sounds ridiculous and stupid, then we totally agree, but our source is none other than the Moff himself, so this one is 100% true.


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