10 Planned Seasons Of Cancelled Sci-Fi TV Shows

Not every story gets to end the way that it had intended to, some just have to make do!

Farscape Chiana
Jim Henson Company

It's an unfortunate truth that while writers, artists and creators set out grand visions and bold ideas that can't be rushed for many of their shows, not everyone can survive the perils of low ratings, bad reviews and studio interference. For every show that got its perfect ending, there's another one that got shoved to the side before its time. This is just as true for science fiction and its neighbouring genres as it is for any other, but the dedicated fandom that often attaches itself to those shows can be bitterly disappointed by the results.

But just because they were cut down in their prime, doesn't mean that shows didn't have goals that they still wanted to achieve and doesn't mean that we can't know what they are. Rooting around in the ashes of something that wasn't meant to be can shed some light on those stories that our writers wanted to tell, so here are ten cancelled TV sci-fi shows that had plans to go forwards.

10. Farscape

Farscape Chiana
Jim Henson Company

Much like the next entry on this list, we did in fact get a season of the gloriously wacky Farscape after it had been cancelled. Back at the end of the third season, the show was renewed for two more seasons, but while the fourth was made, the Sci-Fi Network decided to go back on the deal and cancel the fifth. Instead, the agreement was reached to make a three-hour mini-series to wrap up the plots left over.

It's called The Peacekeeper Wars, and if you've seen it then you've seen pretty much everything that the fifth season of Farscape would have tried to do. At least in terms of big, over-arching story elements, that is. The Scarrens and Peacekeepers would finally have gone to the war that'd been brewing for the last few years and a water planet full of Eidolons would hold the key to bringing around peace, after our hero John Crichton finally built the Wormhole Weapon and used its unbelievable power.

Without doubt there would have been a number of solo episodes to pad out the season, with Moya still on the run from both the Peacekeepers and Scarrens. They're just so good at making friends wherever they go.

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