10 Reasons Doctor Who Fandom Is The Best In The World

Brought together through time and space.

Thanks to that wonder of the 21st century known as the internet, movies and TV shows now have the ability to unite people from vastly different corners of the world. These people, who might not have anything else in common, can unite and share their enthusiasm over the latest casting news or lament over the departure of much-loved characters, bonding with others who understand their excitement or disappointment. Dedicated groups of fans like this are known as fandoms, and they have existed in several forms over the years. However, there€™s no denying how the myriad wonders of modern technology have extended fandoms€™ reach in recent years and have enabled even more people to join in the fun. Of all the fandoms out there, the Whovians of Doctor Who are among the most dedicated, hardcore fans to be found. The show has the most changeable format in television, but the fans are always there to support the cast and crew no matter what happens. Doctor Who can be a hard show to follow--reasons vary from the wibbly-wobbly storylines to the revolving door of cast members--but for those who stick with it, the benefits of being a Whovian outweigh everything else.


Paula Luther hails from Pennsylvania and has been an avid Whovian since 2008. She enjoys writing (obviously), reading, dancing, video editing, and building websites. She has also self-published two books on Amazon, "Bart the Bard" and "Android Mae and Other Stories".