10 Reasons Steven Moffat Has Saved Doctor Who

It's not all bad news, you know.

Steven Moffat is the Whovian equivalent of Marmite - you either love him or you hate him. Before 2010, Moffat was an unimpeachable nerd God with four of the best stories in Doctor Who history under his belt. So the fandom creamed its collective corduroys when the Grand Moff was announced as the new showrunner, taking over from Russell T Davies. But, with the additional responsibilities of executive producer and head writer whilst simultaneously launching the wildly successful Sherlock, a small but vocal corner of the fandom feel that the show has suffered under Moffat's stewardship. Whatever your opinion on the direction Steven Moffat has taken the show, he will go down in Doctor Who history as one of the show's most influential creative forces. His name has joined the ranks of Lambert and Newman, Letts and Dicks, Holmes and Hinchcliffe, Nathan-Turner and Cartmel, T and Davies among many others who have put their distinctive mark on the series. Love him or hate him, he deserves credit for a lot of good in the Whoniverse. So beware of spoilers, dust off your Fez and timey your wimey and prepare to embark on a countdown of 10 reasons Steven Moffat has saved Doctor Who. As you'll soon see, he isn't so bad after all!
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