10 Reasons You Need To Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

its-always-sunny American sitcoms seem to be on the up at the moment with Parks & Recreation, Community, 30 Rock and Modern Family attracting global audiences. A lesser known sitcom to add to the list is It€™s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, centred on a group of immoral, egotistic thirtysomethings who run an Irish bar in Philadelphia, which has been described as €œSeinfeld on crack€. The ninth season is due sometime this year, making the show a geriatric in terms of sitcom life-spans. The longevity of the show is largely thanks to the originality and comedic genius of the writers and cast; It€™s Always Sunny was created and produced by Rob McElhenny, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day who also star as friends Mac, Dennis and Charlie. The gang is completed by Dennis€™ twin sister Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and their father Frank (Danny DeVito). The episode names alone should give you some idea of how disgustingly depraved this show is; €œThe Gang Gets Racist€, €œThe Gang Goes Jihad€, €œThe Gang Exploits a Miracle€, €œCharlie Got Molested€. Simply put, this show is awesome. If you need more convincing than that, we have 10 reasons you need to watch It€™s Only Sunny In Philadelphia. Head within to reveal all...

10. Charlie€™s Idiocy

Philadelphia Charlie Everybody loves the idiot in a sitcom; they are usually the funniest characters. In my opinion, Charlie€™s idiocy makes him the funniest of the gang. He is complete illiterate, has a disdain for washing (apparently he only washes his testicles on a Friday), can€™t see a tube of glue without huffing it and, most importantly, is completely ignorant to how disgusting he really is. He lives in a fantasy world where stalking is the same as dating and running in the sewers is no more unusual than running in the park. Charlie€™s delusion often stretches to unintentionally recreating scenes from movies and TV shows; his A Beautiful Mind style breakdown is a particular favourite of mine. Charlie is like a loveable dog €“ stupid and dirty, yet strangely loveable.

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