10 Reasons You Need To Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

9. There Are No Boundaries

Always Sunny 1 It€™s Always Sunny is broadcast on FX TV and, luckily, they interfere very little with the creative side of the show. This means that the writers are free to hack away at the boundaries of good taste and produce gems of comedic depravity. From the risqué to the offensive, no subject is too sensitive for It€™s Always Sunny where drugs, incest, homelessness, cancer and child abuse are all fair game. The gang pick up women at an abortion rally, paint a dumpster baby and attempt to force it into showbiz, become crack addicts to get welfare benefits and stage a musical about a Night Man who molests children. The comedy is not in being controversial and poking fun at serious issues, it€™s in the characters lack of humanity and ridiculous reasoning which always leads them to do the worst thing. If it sounds too wrong, you probably just need to lower your moral standards.

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